Monday, October 29, 2012

"You be the judge" - A New Blog from Chris Krych

I have been running the Chris Krych blog on his behalf for about 2 years now, and now there is a new blog that will be specifically for the legal work of Mr. Krych and his new TAP group. The new address is here:

In the initial entries, Mr. Krych gives us the tale of his two pending criminal cases from 2011. Krych has been a staunch opponent of double bunking at Moose Lake since he was twice assaulted by a cellmate. He was told the only way he would get a room to himself was to get a write-up. So he broke windows on two separate occasions. But instead of a mere disciplinary, Krych was charged in real criminal court with destruction of property. Mr. Krych argues he was entrapped.

Thus, he is asking you, the reader, to judge his case. I'd like to point out that after each incident, Mr. Krych cooperated with staff and did not resist. He even neatly packed his meager belongings in anticipation of his move.

Also, of interesting note is the condition of the civil commitment center. The evidence files give us a rare look inside Moose Lake Civil Commitment Center. Is it really a treatment center or a prison? You be the judge.